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"...Those who are most capable of art are always fond of nature....that all art consists in the imitation and study of nature."

- Alexander Pope,1713


Each year, before Mother Nature lays her first blanket of frost, Knotty Pine Meadows artisit, Ruth, gathers an assortment of wildflowers, grasses, leaves, and herbs.


After a period of pressing and preparation, Ruth's collection of flora and fauna gradually becomes a host of exquisite works of art.


Gently and creatively arranged upon a unique canvas of recycled paper, textured fabric, bark, burlap, moss, and more, the delicate plant life is transformed and reborn.


Each piece is one-of-a- kind, never to be replicated, and all are elegant, dainty, and beguiling.


For information on how to purchase a unique piece of Ruth's Wildflower Art, please visit WHAT WE DO.



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